Friday, April 18, 2014

Circuit #7 Temperature Sensor Notes

Goal: Use the "serial monitor" window to read a temperature sensor.

TMP36 - Temperature sensor that outputs a voltage that is proportional to the ambient temperature.

Serial.begin(baud rate) -Initialize Arduino's serial port and set communications speed. Speed is measured in bits per second, aka baud rate. 9600 transfers ~10 characters per second

float - Floating point variable. Can handle fractional numbers.

Serial.print("text") - Prints "text"

Serial.print(variable) - Prints variable value

Serial.println( ) - Print prints text to the same line and println inserts a carriage return.

Challenge: Make a thermostat
Solution: Connect a potentiometer between circuit and A0.
Connect j6 through the bottom pin of the potentiometer (e22). Connect top pin of the pot to "+." Connect middle pin of the pot to A0.
No change to Sketch needed.

Challenge: Turn on/off an LED if the temperature is above or below a value
Solution: Left the potentiometer in to better control the temperature. Attached an LED and 330 Ohm resistor between GND and pin 9.
Additional code added to the Sketch.

Vilros Ultimate Starter Kit Tutorial Sketches 1-12

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