Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Circuit #1 Blinking LED Notes

Goal: Turn an LED on for one second, off for one second, and repeat forever

setup( ) - runs first and only once

loop( ) - runs second and loops

pinmode(#, OUTPUT), pinmode(#, INPUT) - # = 0-13 = pin number. Arduino Uno has 13 digital I/O pins. pinmode initializes the pin as an output or input. These digital signals will always be either 5 volts (HIGH) or 0 volts (LOW). ie. pinmode(13, OUTPUT) will initialize output on pin 13.

digitalWrite(#, HIGH), digitalWrite(#, LOW) - built in function that makes an OUTPUT pin HIGH or LOW ie. digitalWrite(13, HIGH) turns the LED on pin 13 on.

delay( ) - pauses in milliseconds

Vilros Ultimate Starter Kit Tutorial Sketches 1-12

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